Going forward, all cities and the county will hold a call at 2 PM daily so long as our municipal partners want to continue. This call is intended to discuss operational issues much like we did for Hurricane Irma. Accordingly, the invitation will go to city administrators and their designated staff; we expect that elected officials will conduct a separate daily call.

The EOC is on Level 2 activation but will move into a mostly virtual activation posture starting now. We currently anticipate a couple of EOC briefings per week and will send you conference call information as appropriate. Resource requests will continue to be managed through WebEOC; your assigned EOC liaisons have been trained in this process.

Additionally, the EOC will issue a Situation Report every morning and an Incident Action Plan every evening. I will forward those reports and additional EOC communications to the people on this email list. Therefore, please respond with additional staff that you want to include on the update calls and this email distribution list (please note that your designated EOC responders will receive these as a matter of course).

You can find a COVID-19 Data and Surveillance Dashboard here: https://fdoh.maps.arcgis.com/apps/opsdashboard/index.html…

Additional County actions:
Our Human Resources Director is contacting her counterparts in your jurisdictions to share information regarding personnel issues
Betsy Clayton, Communications Director, is organizing a Joint Information Center to coordinate communications with your
We are posting relevant information to our Facebook and Twitter accounts
Most of your liaisons were here for the Saturday and Monday EOC briefings

Finally, please be advised that the County Manager will recommend that the BoCC enact a State of Local Emergency at tomorrow morning’s Board meeting.